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My four year old consciously, without coercion, whining, or complaining just ate a vegetable.

The whole thing.

We were in the garden and I was showing her how the snow peas were growing (like overnight!) and she found one ready for picking, plucked it right off and into her mouth it went.

I’m a little in shock.

I wonder what she’ll do when the brussel sprouts are ready for harvest…



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  • That my daughter met a new friend at the Farmer’s Market.  At four years of age they were, of course, instant best friends.
  • My husband is putting the baby to sleep more often.
  • Said baby isn’t hesitant to let us know her wants or not wants as the case may be.
  • Smiling faces upon waking since I am a grouch immediately upon waking.
  • Blossoms in the garden.
  • The excitement when an eagle is spotted on the property.
  • The young deer meeting up in front of our house and keeping away from the garden.
  • Finding a use for all the stinging nettles, a little late in season but I’m going to try cooking.  Apparently these area  powerhouse of nutrients and by golly I plan on making the most of this prolific weed as it’s growing more successfully than anything in my garden right now.
  • Bread baking tomorrow.
  • Canning next week when my mom visits for the week.  She was worried we wouldn’t have much to do – little does she know…!


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We live in the back of a ten acre lot.  It's uphill all the way back from the mailbox and I hear about it from my 4 year old the WHOLE way...

We live in the back of a ten acre lot. It’s uphill all the way back from the mailbox and I hear about it from my 4 year old the WHOLE way…

It looks like we're gardening on the edge but there's just a steep hill beyond the fence.

It looks like we’re gardening on the edge but there’s just a steep hill beyond the fence.



Today's project.

Today’s project.

My newest addiction.  Roasted Cauliflower.  Jon prefers Broccoli and there's some green beans thrown in for kicks but for me - it's about the cauliflower.

My newest addiction. Roasted Cauliflower. Jon prefers Broccoli and there’s some green beans thrown in for kicks but for me – it’s about the cauliflower.

100% whole wheat.  The reason why I'll never give up carbs.

100% whole wheat. The reason why I’ll never give up carbs.

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We have one of those Vitamix blenders which we’ve been “borrowing” for the last  four years from my in-laws.  The Vitamix is great but pricey – we’re still trying to decide if we should make the investment.

It’s great and I use it a LOT.  Most recently for just your basic smoothie.  Sofia is going through a veggie ban again so I’ve been giving her all sorts of vegetable goodness in smoothie form because I get so very tired of the eat-your-vegetables argument…

I totally get not liking vegetables as a kid, it wasn’t fun but I can only hope that at some point she’ll grow to enjoy veggies as much as I do now that I’m older and wiser.  I’m not sure when I started enjoying and actually seeking out new and more vegetables – expanding my palette beyond cheese sauce covered steamed cauliflower and creamed corn.  Now I crave vegetables and something’s not quite right if there’s a meal where they’re not a key player in some way shape or form.

The bad thing about smoothies (when I make them) in the Vitamix is that there is serious residue on the sides that I hate to see go to waste when I rinse out the pitcher.  Only after FOUR years and a second child has it occurred to me to spatula out the residue into an ice cube container and feed it to the baby.  It’s also great to add as “ice” cubes to the soy milk I forgot to refrigerate (we buy ours in bulk from Costco).  Room temperature soy milk is kind of gross.

Not pretty but there's powerful goodness in there.

Not pretty but there’s powerful goodness in there.


From a couple different smoothies. Basic contents: blueberries, spinach or kale, orange, splash of soy milk, apple, cucumber

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With my phone back, so are the pictures I’ve been taking (and been meaning to back up on my computer, ahem).  This is good for many reasons, one of which, though I unpacked my camera, it was only to find it without a memory card – strange.  When I asked Jon if he had seen or unpacked any extra SD cards his reply was, “Yeah, I saw one somewhere around here.”

Well, now.  That was helpful.

While we still have a few remaining boxes to be unpacked we’re now in the stage of:  Do I Really Like This Here?  Is This Where I Want This Item to Live?

I’ve momentarily given up on finding the SD card…

But here’s what I have on my phone:

I love this bread recipe.  It’s a labor of love that I am continually working on perfecting.  I doubt I ever will, but I am getting braver.  This go around I didn’t realize I was out of bulghar.

There’s not much you can substitute for over a pound of bulghar, but here’s what I did – I put in an equal amount of quinoa, knowing that the soak would soften the quinoa but did not appreciate until later that it wouldn’t soak up the water like the bulghar does.  When I got to the step where I added the extras in went sunflower seeds and, new for me in bread, chia seeds.  There was a LOT of extra fluid, so I put in a few (several?) handfuls of oats which thankfully did the trick.  No exact measurements but I must say that I was proud of myself for making it up as I went along – successfully.  Yes, I should have prepped ahead of time because working in batches this large, once I start I’m kind of committed.  So it is with a sigh of relief that this worked out.  While I’ve made this bread several times over and bread can be/is very forgiving in many ways it wasn’t until the second rise that I felt like this was going to work.

I’m buying some bulghar this week but will maybe split the amount with the quinoa and keeps some of the oats – the texture was great!

Before forming...

Before forming…

Plus one more that I already cut into!  I am soooo bad about waiting until they cool completely!

Plus one more that I already cut into! I am soooo bad about waiting until they cool completely!

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I few months ago I sent my cellphone through the wash.

It didn’t survive despite being encased in a waterproof (though not resistant) case.

Now, I’ve gone and “misplaced” it again.  Like on a whole different level than the usual:  losing it in plain sight, in a basket of laundry, between the driver’s seat and the emergency brake, between the driver’s seat and the front door, the passenger seat and the front door, my purse/the abyss…

You get the idea.

I’ve been taking most of my blog pictures with my camera – so handy, so convenient – and had big blog posting plans for the those pictures.  Because writing about a new recipe without pictures doesn’t really have the same impact and a few accompanying shots does.

But here goes:


Lisa over at It She’s Losing It sent me a link to a recipe she posted that looked simple and yummy.  Curry has always been mysteriously exotic to me – really intimating actually.  While intrigued I have been at the same time put off by the pungentness (Spellcheck says this isn’t a word but I’ll bet you totally know what I’m talking about!) of this spice family.  Admittedly, the entire time I was preparing this dish I kept saying to myself, “Sofia is so not going to eat this.”

Sure enough she said it was too spicy for her four year old palette but honestly, I was surprised that she even tried so I still consider it a win.

As per usual I didn’t have all the listed ingredients but I do believe I followed the method stated!

Caribbean Red bean, Spinach and Potato Curry

Here’s what I changed:

  1. No potatoes but I had some leftover rice.
  2. I added cauliflower and was very happy I did.
  3. I didn’t have red beans exclusively, rather a trio mix which was just fine.
  4. I added about half again as much water but this recipe is forgiving plus, I like things saucy!
  5. I added a handful of raisins and here’s why:  I thought the flavor was a little harsh with the curry powder I had on hand and the raisins really added that little something that smoothed out the flavor.  I was going to add an chopped up apple but the raisins were easier.
  6. Used white vinegar for the lemon.
  7. No hot chile knowing my 4 year old would be put off by the spice to begin with adding a chile would so  not go over well with her.

I really, really liked the cauliflower in this dish and would definitely throw in more spinach next time maybe tofu instead of the beans…

And there will be a next time – this recipe is quick and easy AND tasty!

Thank you Lisa!

I know, it’s not the same with out pictures, right?

The right answer would be to make it again and take more pictures.  Seeing as we just moved I’ll admit I haven’t found my beloved camera yet amongst the boxes nor was I eager to unpack it since there is still a lot of construction dust about.  Likely it was in this dish as well now that I think about it…

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I’ve been working a lot over here.  But I have also been doing some fun baking and trying to spend a lot of TLC time with Daughter #1 while Daughter #2 is napping.

And getting chores done.

And cooking/preparing meals.

You know:  life.

In the last day or two I’ve discovered a new way to get my daughter to get good things into her body without all the drama.

Yogurt Parfaits.  Which have evolved into Yogurt Sundaes with good for you stuff  I’ll put in little dishes and different sized spoons.  Describe anything to my daughter as a Sprinkle and she’s all in which is how I’m getting her to eat Chia Seeds (didn’t work with Hemp Hearts though).  We’ve also got oats, a shaker of cinnamon, one day I had one random graham cracker that I crumbled up into a little dish, blueberries (strawberries today).  A creative and empowering meal.  The yogurt is plain so we can add homemade jam or other sweetener if we wish.  It’s lots of fun to see her put together her own meal – a lot of thought goes into each mix-in!

Anything that’s leftover I’ll put into a half pint jar, fill with less than a cup of (soy) milk and save it for the inevitable next snack at which time I pawn it off as Porridge “Like in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Sofia.  Isn’t that neat?!”

And she proceeds to gobble it up.

She inherited the gullible gene from her mom.

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