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This post may come off a little preachy but, again, now that it’s out of my head I can move on to other topics…

Onward… (more…)


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Leave it to a pre-term baby to inspire me.

A little weight loss is expected with newborns.  We’re working our way back up to her birthweight these past (almost) two weeks.  The momentum has slowed but is still progressing in the right direction.  She’s a sleepy girl though, and will perk up briefly for feedings but tires easily despite our best efforts to keep her aroused.

We strip her down to her diaper for feedings.

Which has gotten me to thinkin’.

What if we all stripped down to our underwear for every meal?

I’m pretty certain that my relationship with food and the world of dieting in general would be much different.  I’m not, at the moment, inclined to try this strategy but it does provide food for thought, doesn’t it?

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