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  • Feeling like you’ve gotten so much out of your day.  I’m exhausted but feeling accomplished.
  • Sunny cool days.  Starting to unpack the beanies and looking for matching mittens to go on tiny hands.
  • Community events, especially when they’re free!
  • Apple Cider season – so yummy!
  • The way the word, “Mama” sounds coming out of the mouth of a 17 month old – even at 0500.
  • This totally awesome leather recliner and ottoman I’m sitting in right now that I got at a thrift store for $25 – it just happened to be 50% off day!
  • The micro-fleece bedsheets I’m about to crawl in to and enjoy for about three seconds before falling asleep.

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christmas lights

Image by George Deputee via Flickr

I love sleep.  I really do.

Which may make you wonder why we decided to have a child. (more…)

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