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  • Watering the garden in my pajamas.
  • Socializing at the Sunday Farmer’s Market – who knew it was such a happen’in place?  Like I needed another reason to love going!
  • How my indoor cats are loving being outdoor cats.
  • Canning with mom this week.
  • I know I’ve said this before but I am this close to perfecting my bread recipe.  I’m really serious this time.
  • Lotion on my hands after a day in the yard.
  • Unloading my baby clothes on someone who could use them.
  • Smoothies with grapefruit, orange, lemon, apple, pear – so fresh tasting!
  • The four chrysalis’ we’ve found on the property.
  • Figuring out what we can eat that is growing wild on the property since the garden is turning out to be feeding more slugs than people.  So far:  fiddlehead ferns, huckleberries, nettles (yes!).

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Have you ever taken the plunge into something amazing, something you never thought you would/could do?

I hope you answered “Yes!”

Everyone should.

I just celebrated my 39th birthday which, is no big deal, in fact it feels pretty good.  What has me wistful though is that on my birthday several years ago my husband and I (pre-kids) boarded an airplane and began a trip to travel the world.  It wasn’t a roundtrip ticket, it was one way and our itinerary was loose to put it mildly.  We had quit our jobs, sold the condo, and left the cats with my parents.

But before we did all that we planned.

And thought.

And made lists.

And discussed.

And hemmed.

And hawed.

We did all this for over a year until finally we looked at each other and said, “So, when are we leaving on this trip of a lifetime?”

It was a big deal, huge.  A risk, a commitment, a chance.  It was scary, overwhelming and thrilling.  It was all of the above all at once which may be why it took us so long to buy those one way tickets.

To take the plunge.

But we did and once the deal was done there was an amazing feeling of relief.  A giddiness that had us clutching hands and smiling so hard.  A weight taken from our shoulders.  What had, up until that time, been all talk was now very much a reality.

When we returned and resumed a “normal” life people would say how they wished they could do the same, that we were brave to do what we had done.

Honestly, anyone could do something of that magnitude and the only brave thing we did take that plunge, that first step and like many other big steps in our lives, it’s a doozy but it can be done.

By anyone.

Here’s hoping you’re able to bring some giddiness to your life story!


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I recently returned from a long weekend with my husband’s family and close friends.  Four days does not a vacation make. 

This coming from a couple who quit their jobs for 8+ months to travel the world.

We’re both feeling a little deflated and depressed now that we’re back home.  We told Sofia that we were going “camping” but this is by no means the camping Jon and I knew as kids.  Staying in a cabin with air conditioning, a kitchenette and flush toilets isn’t exactly ‘roughing it’.  She loved it though and really, what’s not to love?   

Oh, I can rough it with the best of them.  You don’t quit your job and travel around the world without some sacrifices and compromises (if only you could see what I’m flashing back to as I type this…)

These days packing to go anywhere is challenging for me.  I tend to over pack because about half way through the packing process I get sick of packing and just start throwing things into my suitcase hoping to cover all my bases.

This is a bad strategy.

Despite the quantity of stuff I pack there is always, ALWAYS some things (yes, that’s plural on purpose) that are forgotten.  Like with this weekend trip.  I only packed one pair of socks. 

What was I thinking when I went to my suitcase with only one pair in my hand?

I also didn’t realize how dirty Sofia would get during the course of the day every day that we were there.  Toddler handwashing is such a process and such a learning opportunity in how to avoid wasting (water, soap, etc).

She’s a work in progress.

I gotta say, I was missing my Sherry Cloths.  Even my sister said that we could have really used some on this trip.

So as I make an effort to get more organized about packing for camping in the future and I write my list of things to bring I think about convenience, practicality, the environment – a lot more than I did in the past.

If I could do the weekend all over again I would have taken and used more Sherry Cloths to clean up Sofia rather than the constant washing and drying with the provided paper towels (We used a whole role and a half – yikes!)of which I’m not even sure who made those paper towels…

I think the Sherry Cloths would have been a lot more practical and the “inconvenience” of having to bring a baggy of damp, dirty Sherry Cloths to wash with the rest of the laundry when I got home would have been worth it.  There was still a few extra nooks and crannies of space in the car to fit them!

As I compile this list I think I’ll really need to reconcile what conveniences are really justified and what conveniences are me being lazy.

At any rate, we stayed at a campground that also had many family activities, more so this last weekend in celebration of 30 years of business – Sofia had a blast which is always such a joy for us to see.  Catching up with family and friends kept every day busy.  We’re looking forward to next year – I hope to have my packing list done by then…

P.S.  After returning home and feeling like we needed a vacation after our vacation Jon and I agreed that we definitely needed to take more time out for ourselves, individually and as a couple.

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