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  • Watering the garden in my pajamas.
  • Socializing at the Sunday Farmer’s Market – who knew it was such a happen’in place?  Like I needed another reason to love going!
  • How my indoor cats are loving being outdoor cats.
  • Canning with mom this week.
  • I know I’ve said this before but I am this close to perfecting my bread recipe.  I’m really serious this time.
  • Lotion on my hands after a day in the yard.
  • Unloading my baby clothes on someone who could use them.
  • Smoothies with grapefruit, orange, lemon, apple, pear – so fresh tasting!
  • The four chrysalis’ we’ve found on the property.
  • Figuring out what we can eat that is growing wild on the property since the garden is turning out to be feeding more slugs than people.  So far:  fiddlehead ferns, huckleberries, nettles (yes!).

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