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There’s nothing like having warm spit up run down your back while wearing  a tank top, and then hearing it splatting onto the floor


to put you in a contemplative mood.

The first time warranted an “Oh man, that’s gross.  Honey, can you wipe down my back and watch where you step because it got on the floor.”

After the second time my husband was all, “Wow, you’re going to need a shower tonight.”

And it was during said shower that I found the heart shaped sticker behind my knee that daughter #1 placed there earlier in the day (or how long has it been there?!) that get’s my mind to wandering…

Parenting.  What an amazing job it is.  I’ll never win any parent of the year awards, it’s just not innate to me as it is for some.  I’m a struggling mom, it can feel awkward at times.  Parenting challenges me, and not always in a good way.  I find the job really hard, but rewarding like nothing I could have ever imagined pre-kids. And I’ve learned countless lessons, oh how I have learned.  I’m inspired and motivated by my children.  I love them but I don’t always like them to be honest and I’m sure they feel the same way about me.  And like so many mom and dads out there I’m trying to find some sort of balance between the oh-so-many roles I play from day to day.  It’s tricky.

Kids are amazingly forgiving.  I guess unconditional love goes both ways.  How it is expressed is what tugs at the heart strings for me.  Watching Sofia come to the realization that she was no longer the center of our world was heartbreaking like nothing I have ever experienced so I make an effort to spend some special time with her every day.  Usually it’s reading together while her sister is napping in the morning.  After one particularly tiring night we were reading her  current favorite book, Hazel’s Amazing Mother.  At the end of the story Sofia turns to me and says, “You’re a Hazel Mama.”

“Thanks, Sof.  That was a really nice thing to say.”


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You know things kind of suck when your pharmacist (look at me being all possessive) says to you, “Weren’t you here yesterday?”.

Because you were. (more…)

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Have you ever needed, had, to accomplish something that seemed overwhelming, even impossible?

Sometimes you need to dig deep.

Really deep.

Maybe you’re feeling unprepared or uncertain about an upcoming race, or a test at school, a job interview.  Maybe you suddenly found yourself in an unfamiliar situation that required immediate action/attention.

Last week I needed Super Mom Powers. (more…)

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  • My first attended event as a parent!  Sofia’s gymnastic’s Gala.  Three year olds in leotards – how can you not love that?!
  • My daughter watching the US Open with her dad, “Ohhhh, it almost went in!” (we heard that from her a lot).
  •  A few stolen moments to write and be thankful.
  • A healthy(er) household.
  • The calvery:  in the form of family and friends.
  • That my husband is missing our/my homemade bread and volunteered to make some this weekend!
  • A tiny little baby hand gently placed on my arm during a feeding.
  • Internet shopping.  I’m sure that a Kindle Fire and baby bottles is not an uncommon purchase combination.

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Fashion philosophies do not always span the ages well.


For example, having a snug waistband is uncomfortable, distracting, and grouchiness inducing.

This does not apply to diapers.  A snug but not too tight waistband on a diaper can be a good (read:  containing) feature.


Lesson learned.

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What you don’t see: a breast pump on one side (mechanical), a breast pump on the other side (human), reading Sof a book and, um yeah, also taking the picture.


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We’re getting older.

I know, it’s true!

(You’re looking fabulous by the way). (more…)

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