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  • That my daughter met a new friend at the Farmer’s Market.  At four years of age they were, of course, instant best friends.
  • My husband is putting the baby to sleep more often.
  • Said baby isn’t hesitant to let us know her wants or not wants as the case may be.
  • Smiling faces upon waking since I am a grouch immediately upon waking.
  • Blossoms in the garden.
  • The excitement when an eagle is spotted on the property.
  • The young deer meeting up in front of our house and keeping away from the garden.
  • Finding a use for all the stinging nettles, a little late in season but I’m going to try cooking.  Apparently these area  powerhouse of nutrients and by golly I plan on making the most of this prolific weed as it’s growing more successfully than anything in my garden right now.
  • Bread baking tomorrow.
  • Canning next week when my mom visits for the week.  She was worried we wouldn’t have much to do – little does she know…!



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Have you ever needed, had, to accomplish something that seemed overwhelming, even impossible?

Sometimes you need to dig deep.

Really deep.

Maybe you’re feeling unprepared or uncertain about an upcoming race, or a test at school, a job interview.  Maybe you suddenly found yourself in an unfamiliar situation that required immediate action/attention.

Last week I needed Super Mom Powers. (more…)

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That was a close one.

I have this really old kitchen timer that’s kind of dirty and a little beat up.  You know the kind where you have to turn the dial past 30 minutes before setting the prescribed time?  It’s old school but I’ve had it forever and I love it.

But, I think for now, I need something a little more  – annoying, persistent, loud. (more…)

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