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“I don’t know how you get anything done.”  – my mom

“I don’t.” – me

I actually have really great kids, good kids, but what I wouldn’t give to have two more arms and hands.  I would be totally be ok with all the staring because I know everyone would be looking at me with envy.  I would have used those extra appendages to hold my unusually fussy baby while trying to make raspberry mango jam I was working on with my mom this afternoon.

Eyes in the back of my  head would also be handy for so many reasons that I know my fellow parents would recognize.  Today I would have used those eyes to watch my daughter swinging on her indoor jungle gym when she said, “Mom!  Look at meeeeee!”  while simultaneously stirring the raspberry mango jam.

What did I learn today?  That doing  all the above AND make granola at the same time may not have been the best idea.  At one point in the afternoon I asked my mom, “How did YOU get anything done with three kids?”

“You were all angels.” – mom

OK, that is a total lie.  I know, I was there, so she must be suffering from some sort of parental amnesia, whatever, it wasn’t helpful.  But things were done and now we’re all pooped and the kids went to bed pretty easily.

And so will I.

IMG_0534[1] IMG_0538[1]

I have made no secret about  my love of toast so this small batch will not last long at all in my house.  While very easy to do, I still find myself a little intimidated by the whole canning process. It’s that element of danger with all those bubbling, boiling fluids.  I only got splattered a couple times so I’m calling the day a success.  My goal is to continue with small batches to increase my confidence.  Luckily between my mom and my foodie sister I will be a pro in no time.


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Have you ever taken the plunge into something amazing, something you never thought you would/could do?

I hope you answered “Yes!”

Everyone should.

I just celebrated my 39th birthday which, is no big deal, in fact it feels pretty good.  What has me wistful though is that on my birthday several years ago my husband and I (pre-kids) boarded an airplane and began a trip to travel the world.  It wasn’t a roundtrip ticket, it was one way and our itinerary was loose to put it mildly.  We had quit our jobs, sold the condo, and left the cats with my parents.

But before we did all that we planned.

And thought.

And made lists.

And discussed.

And hemmed.

And hawed.

We did all this for over a year until finally we looked at each other and said, “So, when are we leaving on this trip of a lifetime?”

It was a big deal, huge.  A risk, a commitment, a chance.  It was scary, overwhelming and thrilling.  It was all of the above all at once which may be why it took us so long to buy those one way tickets.

To take the plunge.

But we did and once the deal was done there was an amazing feeling of relief.  A giddiness that had us clutching hands and smiling so hard.  A weight taken from our shoulders.  What had, up until that time, been all talk was now very much a reality.

When we returned and resumed a “normal” life people would say how they wished they could do the same, that we were brave to do what we had done.

Honestly, anyone could do something of that magnitude and the only brave thing we did take that plunge, that first step and like many other big steps in our lives, it’s a doozy but it can be done.

By anyone.

Here’s hoping you’re able to bring some giddiness to your life story!


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My dad, who’s been sick for many months now (could it be a year already?) took a unexpected, and rapid decline.

And then, even more unexpectantly, he passed away.

Needless to say events of late have felt – unexpected.

Hence, my absence.

My four year old seems to be coping but the death and dying questions that can only come from a four year old can be emotionally wearing and, at times, I could do with less questions or a repeat of the sequence of events related to “Pop’s” death.  I think it’s so important to truthfully answer these questions as age appropriately as possible.  I try my best.

She’s processing.  We all are.


But, life has this way of moving forward and I plan on moving right along with it.

Have a fantastic week!

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