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  • The first little baby giggles.
  • That I saw a picture at my in-laws house, thought it was daughter #2 when it was actually a baby picture of my husband at the same age!!!
  • All the back to school pictures posted on facebook.
  • Getting crafty with my three year old.
  • Making it out to the Farmer’s Market:  swiss chard, kale, zucchini, cukes, onions.  Until I have my own garden I’ll happily buy my produce here on the weekends to supplement my CSA box.
  • Making big decisions as a team with my husband.
  • Meeting with a financial advisor and getting reassurance that (currently) everything looks good!
  • This vocabulary of my three year old’s that is just exploding.
  • reminiscing through hand-me-down clothes as we unpack boxes of baby clothes.
  • Purging the house of things we don’t need – now that is a good feeling.  I’ve probably got a trunk load of stuff to drop off at the donation center.
  • This feeling of just being ready to be more organized.
  • Planning/hoping to move onto our property at the end of the year and determined to move with an empty freezer.  (It’s a daunting task).

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