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  • We’ve had great Fall weather these past couple of days and I’ve been spending them outdoors as if it’s the last time we’ll see the sun for a very long time.  Living in the Pacific Northwest this is a very real possibility.
  • Dinner with the in-laws means I don’t have to make dinner.  Granted the entrée choices don’t follow the stricter diet we’ve been following lately but family time is important being militant on our diet isn’t worth stressing out our hostess.  We just hogged the salad.
  • Big leg hugs from little people.  Usually in the afternoon after she’s been playing for a while and I’m fixing dinner.  It’s like she’s checking in with me to let me know I’m still loved even though she has important playing time going on.
  • Finding a Halloween event to go to that’s enjoyable for all, not scary and doesn’t give out candy.  She got enough while at preschool that day so I didn’t feel like she was going to be deprived of tradition.
  • All of the Christmas feeds I’m following on Instagram, I’ve lost count.



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Have you ever taken the plunge into something amazing, something you never thought you would/could do?

I hope you answered “Yes!”

Everyone should.

I just celebrated my 39th birthday which, is no big deal, in fact it feels pretty good.  What has me wistful though is that on my birthday several years ago my husband and I (pre-kids) boarded an airplane and began a trip to travel the world.  It wasn’t a roundtrip ticket, it was one way and our itinerary was loose to put it mildly.  We had quit our jobs, sold the condo, and left the cats with my parents.

But before we did all that we planned.

And thought.

And made lists.

And discussed.

And hemmed.

And hawed.

We did all this for over a year until finally we looked at each other and said, “So, when are we leaving on this trip of a lifetime?”

It was a big deal, huge.  A risk, a commitment, a chance.  It was scary, overwhelming and thrilling.  It was all of the above all at once which may be why it took us so long to buy those one way tickets.

To take the plunge.

But we did and once the deal was done there was an amazing feeling of relief.  A giddiness that had us clutching hands and smiling so hard.  A weight taken from our shoulders.  What had, up until that time, been all talk was now very much a reality.

When we returned and resumed a “normal” life people would say how they wished they could do the same, that we were brave to do what we had done.

Honestly, anyone could do something of that magnitude and the only brave thing we did take that plunge, that first step and like many other big steps in our lives, it’s a doozy but it can be done.

By anyone.

Here’s hoping you’re able to bring some giddiness to your life story!


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Life has thrown us a few lemons recently.  And I’m not talking the friendly underhanded kind of throw.  I’m talking about the final seconds in the world Dodgeball Championships kind of throwing.

And I’m not very good at Dodgeball.

Like every other family on the face of the earth – we’re busy.  We multi-task to the best of our abilities but darned if sometimes we take two steps back after that one step forward.  We’ve just had to dig a little deeper to find that silver lining, that funny side.

Thankfully, my family can do funny.  Or at least silly which can be just as good.

So what I’m lovin’ right now:

  • Baby giggles and those first two teeth cutting through.
  • My three year old whispering in my ear “I want to dance all day.”
  • Sunny Fall days.
  • Egg Nog before even Halloween!
  • Great neighbors.  I talk to mine, I hope you do too.  There was a time when I couldn’t point my neighbor out in a line up but I now know there are all sorts of reasons to get to know your neighbors.
  • Being introduced to the very addicting Japadog.
  • Towns that really try to build  a sense of community by organizing and creating a variety of activities.
  • I admit to being a total sucker for the Christmas holidays and am already loving that stores are putting up and out their holiday decorations although this hasn’t influenced my stress-inducing last minute Christmas preparation despite vowing every year to change my ways.

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  • How Jon and I totally, and without discussion, divided and conquered the other morning when we slept in on my day to go to work.  With less than twenty minutes to  be out of the house Jon got Sofia up and changed then was out the door to scrape the ice off the car and warm it up while I got myself dressed then lunch and breakfast ready for Sofia.  We met in the middle of  the living room for a quick kiss and run down of what we did (he also replaced the windshield wipers, had the seat heaters on AND Christmas music on the radio(!) while I gathered items needed to take to The Island).
  • All sorts family visited in the past week.  We had people in the house every day except Friday (we went to bed early that night)!
  • Making cookies with Sofia.  We made Russian teacakes/Snowballs/Mexican Wedding cookies.  Unfortunately she so used to pressing down the ball shaped dough she kept crushing the finished producted into smithereens.  We’ll try a different cookie this week.
  • That my new landlord is willing to pay to have the duct system cleaned.
  • Christmas shopping (sans Sofia).  No toddler-sized attention span to worry about and I knocked out a lot of presents on my list!  Having my sister-in-law to keep my company (and focused)helped a lot.  Thanks Julia!
  • The sheepish look on my husband’s face after he tells me that there’s only one quart of eggnog left (of the three I bought a week ago) – better get him that Crossfit membership for Christmas!  Thank goodness eggnog is a seasonal item!
  • The prospect of developing new family traditions as our family has grown this year with so many marriages.  Jon’s family is flexing its Christmas Traditions  as stepkids/grandkids go to one parent or the other.  Our family will spend it’s first Christmas morning in our own home before going to the grandparents.
  • That my family has no food allergies just aversions, many aversions (which hopefully she’ll grow out of and Jon will get over if I chop everything up small enough).
  • Having people show appreciation with a simple ‘thank you’ or squeeze of the arm.  That means a lot!

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