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  • We’ve had great Fall weather these past couple of days and I’ve been spending them outdoors as if it’s the last time we’ll see the sun for a very long time.  Living in the Pacific Northwest this is a very real possibility.
  • Dinner with the in-laws means I don’t have to make dinner.  Granted the entrée choices don’t follow the stricter diet we’ve been following lately but family time is important being militant on our diet isn’t worth stressing out our hostess.  We just hogged the salad.
  • Big leg hugs from little people.  Usually in the afternoon after she’s been playing for a while and I’m fixing dinner.  It’s like she’s checking in with me to let me know I’m still loved even though she has important playing time going on.
  • Finding a Halloween event to go to that’s enjoyable for all, not scary and doesn’t give out candy.  She got enough while at preschool that day so I didn’t feel like she was going to be deprived of tradition.
  • All of the Christmas feeds I’m following on Instagram, I’ve lost count.



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  • Sunny fall days that are surprisingly warm too (that’s just bonus).
  • New friends.
  • New friends with new baby girls that I can give hand me down clothes to – I’ve already got an overflowing bag ready to go!
  • The ability to lift heavy things.
  • Finding the time to finally clean out the car or rather, making the time to clean out the car.  It’s like organizing one cabinet.  Since it’s a small area the work you do is super noticeable.  Love it!
  • The last of the summer squash from the garden.
  • Trying new recipes on this paleo diet we’ve adopted.  After almost a month there’s only been one real standout which isn’t good statistically but then again I’ve really made an effort to follow the recipe to a T which is so unlike me…
  • Listening to Jon laughing over something he’s watching on Netflix (he wears earphones since the girls are sleeping upstairs and he likes to feel what he watches, as I put it.  It’s nice to hear him laugh.
  • Discovering great new locally made products!
  • Deciding to go to bed early rather than do the dishes because this cold seems determined to get the upperhand!  Here’s hoping the dishwashing fairies are able to find their way to my house tonight…

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…waking up feeling like complete and utter crap I had this feeling. (more…)

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This post may come off a little preachy but, again, now that it’s out of my head I can move on to other topics…

Onward… (more…)

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  • I’ve gone all day thinking it was Wednesday what a welcome surprise that I’m that much closer to the weekend. (more…)

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We have been blessed (?) with children who are early risers.  I can’t remember the last time I slept past 0800 or 0730 for that matter.

Like before 0630 despite all efforts to change that time to later we have resigned ourselves to this fate.  When we lived in the city and we only had Sofia I would make her some toast and jam and lay on the floor while she ate.  Now days we’re trying a new tactic.  A morning walk about.  Yes, Sofia is still in her pajamas.  I think I might have been too!

078 079 080 081 082 083 084 085

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Have you ever taken the plunge into something amazing, something you never thought you would/could do?

I hope you answered “Yes!”

Everyone should.

I just celebrated my 39th birthday which, is no big deal, in fact it feels pretty good.  What has me wistful though is that on my birthday several years ago my husband and I (pre-kids) boarded an airplane and began a trip to travel the world.  It wasn’t a roundtrip ticket, it was one way and our itinerary was loose to put it mildly.  We had quit our jobs, sold the condo, and left the cats with my parents.

But before we did all that we planned.

And thought.

And made lists.

And discussed.

And hemmed.

And hawed.

We did all this for over a year until finally we looked at each other and said, “So, when are we leaving on this trip of a lifetime?”

It was a big deal, huge.  A risk, a commitment, a chance.  It was scary, overwhelming and thrilling.  It was all of the above all at once which may be why it took us so long to buy those one way tickets.

To take the plunge.

But we did and once the deal was done there was an amazing feeling of relief.  A giddiness that had us clutching hands and smiling so hard.  A weight taken from our shoulders.  What had, up until that time, been all talk was now very much a reality.

When we returned and resumed a “normal” life people would say how they wished they could do the same, that we were brave to do what we had done.

Honestly, anyone could do something of that magnitude and the only brave thing we did take that plunge, that first step and like many other big steps in our lives, it’s a doozy but it can be done.

By anyone.

Here’s hoping you’re able to bring some giddiness to your life story!


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