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  • Sunny fall days that are surprisingly warm too (that’s just bonus).
  • New friends.
  • New friends with new baby girls that I can give hand me down clothes to – I’ve already got an overflowing bag ready to go!
  • The ability to lift heavy things.
  • Finding the time to finally clean out the car or rather, making the time to clean out the car.  It’s like organizing one cabinet.  Since it’s a small area the work you do is super noticeable.  Love it!
  • The last of the summer squash from the garden.
  • Trying new recipes on this paleo diet we’ve adopted.  After almost a month there’s only been one real standout which isn’t good statistically but then again I’ve really made an effort to follow the recipe to a T which is so unlike me…
  • Listening to Jon laughing over something he’s watching on Netflix (he wears earphones since the girls are sleeping upstairs and he likes to feel what he watches, as I put it.  It’s nice to hear him laugh.
  • Discovering great new locally made products!
  • Deciding to go to bed early rather than do the dishes because this cold seems determined to get the upperhand!  Here’s hoping the dishwashing fairies are able to find their way to my house tonight…

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At least.  Or we could really go for it and keep obesity rates below the shameful 33% increase that some are expecting.

Did you see this article on NPR?  These numbers are staggering:

Slowing the rising rates of obesity in this country by just 1 percent a year over the next two decades would slice the costs of health care by $85 billion.

Keep obesity rates where they are now — well below a 33 percent increase that’s been expected by some — and the savings would hit nearly $550 billion over the same 20 years.

Wow!  That’s a lot of money we, US citizens, have direct control over saving!

How empowering! (more…)

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OK, the countdown is definitely on with this baby.  Been clearing out the freezer and working my slow cooker(s) like they were going out of style.  Lots of soup, quarts and quarts, in fact, because soup is something that I know Jon can do without instructions.  I even remembered to label the containers this time!

  •  I’ve got beds set up for overnight guests (mom).
  •  I’ve washed Sofia’s old newborn clothes though I have very little recollection of her ever being that small.
  • Baby shower today – so nice!
  • One last trip to Costco and my frig is packed out.

Yes, I may be jumping the gun a bit – can you tell I’m about done with being pregnant.

Still so much to do:   get some diapers, convert the changing table back to its original use from it’s current use as a dumping ground for misc objects, clothes. Oh yeah, and we still need to come up with a name for this little girl…


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