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…waking up feeling like complete and utter crap I had this feeling. (more…)


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The end is near. (more…)

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… and all those bad study habits came back like it was yesterday when it’s been more like 10 years (or more).  I applied to show at Urban Craft Uprising’s Holiday show, which is juried.  Yay me!  So exciting.

The application process reminded me a bit of those short answer questions you had in high school and college. Then there was the technical side of uploading pictures, fee paying online – it was like the SATs all over again.  I broke out into a cold sweat at one point and needed to text my husband who’s travelling for work this week about file memory and which was largerMB or KB?  Yeah, that’s how technically un-savvy I am and one of the reasons why I need to keep a happy marriage!

The deadline was last night at midnight and guess who  turned their application in about two hours before the deadline?


Some things never change…

In the mean time I’ve been doing the weekend market in Coupeville, WA and am super proud to say that two of my skirts made the cut for the First Day of School outfit for a customer and she came back looking for more.


One of “the chosen”.

The other skirt is actually behind this is one in a navy blue with super cute vintage yellow buttons.  I loved the purple and mustardy color combo on this one.  I think I might be losing my cred as whenever someone starts looking at the skirts I tell them how “THAT one is my favorite” but then I start saying that about every single skirt.  It’s true though is the thing…

Love what you do.

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Free scrap material box as lure to purchase product.

An inadvertent discovery today but one I think I may continue to investigate. (more…)

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  • Watering the garden in my pajamas.
  • Socializing at the Sunday Farmer’s Market – who knew it was such a happen’in place?  Like I needed another reason to love going!
  • How my indoor cats are loving being outdoor cats.
  • Canning with mom this week.
  • I know I’ve said this before but I am this close to perfecting my bread recipe.  I’m really serious this time.
  • Lotion on my hands after a day in the yard.
  • Unloading my baby clothes on someone who could use them.
  • Smoothies with grapefruit, orange, lemon, apple, pear – so fresh tasting!
  • The four chrysalis’ we’ve found on the property.
  • Figuring out what we can eat that is growing wild on the property since the garden is turning out to be feeding more slugs than people.  So far:  fiddlehead ferns, huckleberries, nettles (yes!).

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  • The first little baby giggles.
  • That I saw a picture at my in-laws house, thought it was daughter #2 when it was actually a baby picture of my husband at the same age!!!
  • All the back to school pictures posted on facebook.
  • Getting crafty with my three year old.
  • Making it out to the Farmer’s Market:  swiss chard, kale, zucchini, cukes, onions.  Until I have my own garden I’ll happily buy my produce here on the weekends to supplement my CSA box.
  • Making big decisions as a team with my husband.
  • Meeting with a financial advisor and getting reassurance that (currently) everything looks good!
  • This vocabulary of my three year old’s that is just exploding.
  • reminiscing through hand-me-down clothes as we unpack boxes of baby clothes.
  • Purging the house of things we don’t need – now that is a good feeling.  I’ve probably got a trunk load of stuff to drop off at the donation center.
  • This feeling of just being ready to be more organized.
  • Planning/hoping to move onto our property at the end of the year and determined to move with an empty freezer.  (It’s a daunting task).

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