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  • We’ve had great Fall weather these past couple of days and I’ve been spending them outdoors as if it’s the last time we’ll see the sun for a very long time.  Living in the Pacific Northwest this is a very real possibility.
  • Dinner with the in-laws means I don’t have to make dinner.  Granted the entrée choices don’t follow the stricter diet we’ve been following lately but family time is important being militant on our diet isn’t worth stressing out our hostess.  We just hogged the salad.
  • Big leg hugs from little people.  Usually in the afternoon after she’s been playing for a while and I’m fixing dinner.  It’s like she’s checking in with me to let me know I’m still loved even though she has important playing time going on.
  • Finding a Halloween event to go to that’s enjoyable for all, not scary and doesn’t give out candy.  She got enough while at preschool that day so I didn’t feel like she was going to be deprived of tradition.
  • All of the Christmas feeds I’m following on Instagram, I’ve lost count.



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  • Feeling like you’ve gotten so much out of your day.  I’m exhausted but feeling accomplished.
  • Sunny cool days.  Starting to unpack the beanies and looking for matching mittens to go on tiny hands.
  • Community events, especially when they’re free!
  • Apple Cider season – so yummy!
  • The way the word, “Mama” sounds coming out of the mouth of a 17 month old – even at 0500.
  • This totally awesome leather recliner and ottoman I’m sitting in right now that I got at a thrift store for $25 – it just happened to be 50% off day!
  • The micro-fleece bedsheets I’m about to crawl in to and enjoy for about three seconds before falling asleep.

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  • I’ve gone all day thinking it was Wednesday what a welcome surprise that I’m that much closer to the weekend. (more…)

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  • The thunderstorms –  we’ve been having here in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m a native and have missed the clouds and rain.  A little thunder and lightening have been a bonus.
  • Little girls who take long naps.
  • Independent shops that let me keep my dollar local – I’m learning it’s a lot of hard work but great for the local economy and community.
  • Monthly Art walks.  Hopefully your town/city has one.
  • Working REALLY hard at the gym but feeling sooooo good afterwards!
  • Learning.  I never want to stop learning…

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If I didn’t have kids I probably wouldn’t read children’s stories.  Pre-kids it just never occurred to me to wander into the children’s section of the library have a look see.


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We somehow managed to schedule back to back vacations with our families these past couple weeks.  We returned home last Tuesday.

I only just finished unpacking yesterday.

I’m exhausted.  It’s so great to get away and we had so much fun on both trips but my brain is tired from trying to figure out packing for two small children which almost always ends up with me forgetting things for myself (how did I manage to pack only ONE shirt and NO socks?!).  When my husband and I travelled for six and  a half months everything we owned was packed on our bicycles.  Now days a weekend away means a car packed to the point that you can’t see out the back window!

It’s good to be home.

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My four year old consciously, without coercion, whining, or complaining just ate a vegetable.

The whole thing.

We were in the garden and I was showing her how the snow peas were growing (like overnight!) and she found one ready for picking, plucked it right off and into her mouth it went.

I’m a little in shock.

I wonder what she’ll do when the brussel sprouts are ready for harvest…


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