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We live in the back of a ten acre lot.  It's uphill all the way back from the mailbox and I hear about it from my 4 year old the WHOLE way...

We live in the back of a ten acre lot. It’s uphill all the way back from the mailbox and I hear about it from my 4 year old the WHOLE way…

It looks like we're gardening on the edge but there's just a steep hill beyond the fence.

It looks like we’re gardening on the edge but there’s just a steep hill beyond the fence.



Today's project.

Today’s project.

My newest addiction.  Roasted Cauliflower.  Jon prefers Broccoli and there's some green beans thrown in for kicks but for me - it's about the cauliflower.

My newest addiction. Roasted Cauliflower. Jon prefers Broccoli and there’s some green beans thrown in for kicks but for me – it’s about the cauliflower.

100% whole wheat.  The reason why I'll never give up carbs.

100% whole wheat. The reason why I’ll never give up carbs.


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  • That my phone has been FOUND and should be back in my hot little hands in the next 24 hours!
  • My husband singing along to my daughter’s children’s music CD.
  • That we all agree that our homemade granola is only good when Sofia is in charge of the cinnamon.  Who knew that “Whoa! Oh my gosh, stop! Stop! Stop!” was a unit of measurement?!
  • Hanging the clothes out to dry for the first time this year.
  • That the deer haven’t notice the strawberry plants we just planted – I really need to put up some sort of barrier asap…
  • Chocolate, chocolate chip cookies.
  • That this is the first time in my life that I am using appliances that are younger than I am!

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Jon has been travelling for work a lot lately.  So when we were half an hour late to our pediatrician appointment and had to reschedule for the following Monday I asked if he would be availble to come along (he had already rearranged his work schedule to come to the appointment we missed – oops).  His response,

“Just consider me not here.”

After a moment’s pause I replied, “That is an unacceptable answer.  You’re a parent.”

Later that night, still bugged, I think I made my opinion clear on how I felt:

“I’ll consider you not here when you’re dead.”

He agreed that that was probably a reasonable expectation and took back his words from that morning.  Needless to say, work has been busy for him and while his statement makes him sound like he is involved in some sort of Mission Impossible team he’s just your normal everyday hard working IT employee trying to roll out a huge application across 4-5 states.  Without a hitch.  Well, maybe it is a mission impossible…

With Sofia completely entrenched in her Terrible Threes the thought of being a single parent for the whole week just didn’t appeal.  So, I decided to invade Jon’s hotel room for several nights and take Sofia on “an adventure.”  figuring her need for indepence couldn’t get worse, might actually tone down a bit or stay the same but at least I wouldn’t have to cook or clean for a few days.

It was a gamble but I was willing after a trying several days the previous week while he was gone.

The cats would be fine without us, though slightly annoyed, so I didn’t tell them anything until just before we walked out the door but I’m guessing they got supsicious when I put out four bowls of water for them.

While I couldn’t deliver on the Ice Cream Adventure that Sofia had requested she was perfectly happy with the Cookie Adventure I posed on our hour+ trip south to Olympia, Washington.  It’s the state capital, I’ve never actually spent time there and drove near and around the campus – would have loved to visit some of the buildings and museums, memorials, etc but it was quite cold (it even snowed) and if you think a three year old is interested in seeing any of that kind of stuff you don’t have kids.

Hence, The Cookie Adventure.

The Adventure would have been a bit more fun if it was sunny and warm outside but, this was all spur of the moment, there was no time to take in the weather report.  So amongst driving rain alternating with snow, a constant wind and an unfamiliar city it took me no time at all to get lost.

Which isn’t saying much seeing as how I have NO sense of direction what-so-ever.


Using the map app that came with my phone, I plugged in the address of the first bakery all I had to do was follow the step by step directions and we could be eating chocolate chip cookies in less than 10 mintues “with traffic”.  I was the moving blue dot on the screen, follow the green line.

It all sounded so easy.

“Maybe the bakery closed down and the building isn’t here anymore.”  The first address didn’t seem to be panning out.  Maybe I copied it down wrong from the website.

“Bare with me Sofia, let’s try the other address.  I really think this’ll be a great bakery.”

OK, if you don’t see the moving blue dot (representing you) that means you’re moving in the opposite direction and are no longer on the phone screen – turn around.

I won’t even tell you how far I went before figuring that out.  As someone who hates turning around you would think I would be better at following driving directions.

Simple.  Straightforward.  Driving directions.

The screen was telling me to go south.  How am I suppose to know which was was south?  I don’t have a compass built into my rearview mirror (note to self when buying next car).  The sun wasn’t out (did I mention the driving rain and snow?) and the old fashioned handheld compass was left at home with the rest of the hiking gear where it belonged.

Maybe it’s situations like this that they sell those compass zipper fobs at REI that I’ve always thought were so lame.  Man, I could have really used one of those lame-o fobs.

What should have taken less than ten minutes took a good 30-40 minutes.  By the second time I turned around Sofia was getting a little whiney and I was getting a little cranky but talking myself out of it.  We were here to have a fun adventure, we were going to a bakery, for cookies.

Finally, we arrived at the Blue Heron Bakery.  I, slightly grumpy and Sofia ready to get out of the car.  Unfortunately, there was no inside seating and with the wind, rain and snow we weren’t about the sit at the picnic table outside.  One could describe the place as a little ramshackle, rustic, hole in the wall which only added to it’s appeal.  That and the giant decomissioned stand mixer at the end of the drive. Places like this could only have goodness inside (ok, or badness, but bakeries are inherently good so that’s what I was going with).  Dimly lit there was slatted wooden shelving for day olds, and an unlit glass display case for the day’s fresh product.  We got a bag of day old spelt flour chocolate chip cookies to take back to share with Jon and a whole wheat chocolate chip cookie for each of us to enjoy right then and there.

And that’s just what we did.  Just stood there and ate our cookie, in no hurry to get back out into the elements.  Enjoying the fact that tastiness doesn’t have to come from something totally processed.

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I don’t know I’m so suprised at the tastiness of this cookie but it is downright delicious!  It’s original name is also kind of lame although very descriptive. (more…)

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I have a slight obsession with the basic chocolate chip cookie.  I’ve done research both intellectual and culinary.  Don’t know where this quest for the perfect cookie came from or why this specific cookie became my target but, here I am.  The obessession has been dorment for a while (which renders it no longer an obsession by definition, I suppose) but has recently (yesterday)reared it’s ugly head when I was given a couple of chocolate chip cookies that were deemed “famous”. (more…)

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