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This post may come off a little preachy but, again, now that it’s out of my head I can move on to other topics…

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Oh my but it feels good to be typing again.  A small window of feeling semi awake, baby sleeping, toddler off with her dad doing errands.  It’s the trifecta that gives me a few moments of peace and me time.

After, doing dishes, washing baby stuff, general tidying, etc – then it’s me time.

While my world has been small (literally) and revolving around this little, less than seven pound person, giving as much TLC to my toddler/new big sister while she adjusts to a whole new level of sharing my mind has been filling with words that want to be typed out before they are lost in a sleep deprived fog that comes from late night feedings and early morning toddler awakenings.

On staying on track to becoming unprocessed.

I can see where the title Convenience Foods came from.  I have a newborn, and a precocious toddler and a husband who is great at making pancakes but not much else (he talents lie elsewhere in the household – see this blog).  Lately, getting veggies into my toddler has consisted of plunking down an bag of organic baby carrots at lunch and dinner.

Not very creative but it seems to be working.

I tried to make a salad, and was successfu,l but I find my patience growing short as my toddler eats one spinach leaf at a time where as pre-newborn, it wouldn’t have mattered so much.  Now days I’ve revived the Vitamix and have reverted back to smoothies – super quick, easy and we’re getting in more veggies and fruit this way.

I’ve got big bags of organic, kale and spinach, frozen organic berries and various organic apples, pears, etc.  Some fruit, a massive handful of greens and I fill the rest of the pitcher with water (because I’m breastfeeding and I know the rest of the family could use the extra fluids).  I’m thinking that the smoothie will be my saving grace in the fruit/veggie dept.

And I’ve gotta say, I’m so irritated, annoyed, offended.  It just makes me so mad but, objectively speaking, is pretty smart that the food industry takes advantage of people like me.  I’m tired, I’m hungry (now) and I’ve got a family to feed(also now).  Oh, those devious, dastardly food industry folks.  So sneaky, so conniving.  I tip my hat to you while at the same time do  my best to resist you in my sleep-deprived-just trying to survive these first six weeks of newborn-ness.

Enter, processed foods, convenience foods, and other bad things for your body that are hard to say no to when you’re really vulnerable.  I’ll admit I have one frozen pizza lurking in my freezer and some frozen black bean patties.  Honestly, if it wasn’t for my little sister cooking up a storm of heat/cook and serve meals I’m not sure what state my diet would be in right now.

And that’s the truth.

But, I shall continue to resist, work my Vitamix and pull food from the freezer.

We’ll see who comes out on top Food Industry, oh, yes, we shall see.

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I was successful in my baking and cooking endeavors last Friday (for the most part – slacked, as usual with the last of the clean up).  Thankful for the prep work I did the day before because good gawd cooking from scratch and eating less processed food can and does mean a lot more work for someone (me).  You really need to be dedicated and buy into the philosophy of whole foods, clean eating, etc.  If you don’t you won’t be able to sustain the practice.

It’s a lifestyle. (more…)

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