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  • Sunny fall days that are surprisingly warm too (that’s just bonus).
  • New friends.
  • New friends with new baby girls that I can give hand me down clothes to – I’ve already got an overflowing bag ready to go!
  • The ability to lift heavy things.
  • Finding the time to finally clean out the car or rather, making the time to clean out the car.  It’s like organizing one cabinet.  Since it’s a small area the work you do is super noticeable.  Love it!
  • The last of the summer squash from the garden.
  • Trying new recipes on this paleo diet we’ve adopted.  After almost a month there’s only been one real standout which isn’t good statistically but then again I’ve really made an effort to follow the recipe to a T which is so unlike me…
  • Listening to Jon laughing over something he’s watching on Netflix (he wears earphones since the girls are sleeping upstairs and he likes to feel what he watches, as I put it.  It’s nice to hear him laugh.
  • Discovering great new locally made products!
  • Deciding to go to bed early rather than do the dishes because this cold seems determined to get the upperhand!  Here’s hoping the dishwashing fairies are able to find their way to my house tonight…

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the_versatile_blogger (Photo credit: ex.libris)

I’m embarrassed to say that this post has been sitting in my To-Do pile (a pile of one) for weeks, very nearly going on months.  I have no idea why as I’m totally psyched by the whole idea of it.

But with such honor comes responsibility… (more…)

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  • Jon is home after being gone for a week and one of the first things he did upon his return was help me set up my sewing/crafting room!
  • Watching Sofia’s first gymnastics class from the sidelines at the new gym.  She barely stayed with the class but it was so awesome/hilarious as she ran out onto the big mat to “practice her floor routine”.  She’s a few months shy of the pre-school age class but the coach allowed her to try one more week I think we may be getting demoted to the Mommy and Me class. 
  • Roasted Acorn squash with butter and brown sugar, or plain, or pureed in soup with chicken stock, onions, fingerling potatoes and a touch of liquid smoke because I didn’t have any bacon, or with my younger sister’s homemade mac and cheese.
  • That my sister-in-law had never had roasted acorn squash before coming to dinner at our house but really likes it too, if not loves it!
  • That Sofia most definitely has a routine at my parent’s house that is very different from the one we have at home, it includes watching TV (Sesame Street and such on PBS).  We never have the TV on at our house.  She doesn’t even seem to notice it.
  • That cooking for the holidays can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it.  My family makes a lot of things from scratch while a friend of mine is taking full advantage of  great food items that are already prepared.   I’ve gotten overwhelmed in the past trying to come up with a food item to bring since time seems to be shorter these days with Sofia I really need to explore this option.
  • I’m a sucker for holiday decorations.  Looking at them that is, not doing up my home, I have no knack for that whatsoever despite my greatest efforts.
  • The holiday party invitations have begun!
  • I’m on my High School Re-union Committee (my 20th!) and it’s really exciting to see so many people rsvp-ing for the event next year.
  • The Pacific Northwest isn’t exactly known for its Fall colors but this year it’s been really beautiful.
  • How a person can start a blog about ANYTHING.  I came upon one dedicated to banana bread.  That’s it, just banana bread. That is so awesome!

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