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  • This crazy weather.  Now that I don’t have to set up a canopy in the middle of a field and try to sell stuff.  Did you see my pick of the tie down over the weekend on Instagram?  Thank goodness for seasoned market vendors as neighbors!
  • How fantastic I’m feeling on this new paleo diet adventure we’re on.  Thank goodness we were well on our way to becoming unprocessed as I think the transition would have been much more challenging.  That being said we totally caved and had a cheat meal today.  Baby steps…
  • Microfleece sheets.  Have I mentioned these before?  It’s like going to be surrounded by all your favorite stuffed animals.  Or maybe I was the only one that did that as a kid…
  • Indoor hobbies.  My husband is realizing that he needs one with this crazy weather we’ve been having lately.
  • Yoga – it just makes movement and any type of exercise easier.
  • Buying local.  I’m really into it right now so this is not the last time you’re going to hear me singing it’s praises.  Like yoga, I can’t think of a bad thing about making it a regular part of your life.  I’ll be sharing my local buying experience and I hope you will too!  Especially with the holidays coming!

Have a great week!


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If I didn’t have kids I probably wouldn’t read children’s stories.  Pre-kids it just never occurred to me to wander into the children’s section of the library have a look see.


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While working on this project over here we’re hemorrhaging money like nobody’s business.  As a result I’m learning to do some money save activities with Daughter #1.  It’s my ongoing effort to teach her that no, you don’t have to go somewhere every day and no, you don’t have to go to the park every day (I had gotten myself into the habit of that when we lived within walking distance of at least three great parks – then we moved.).  Beside, we’ll soon be living on 5 acres of land – there you go – instant park.

First stop – the good old public library.  Ya know, those librarians in the kids section there to help you find books on the topic you’re interested in – I use them all the time and they’re always so enthusiastic about helping me.  Asked for books on things to do with a 3 year old, outdoor activities with a 3 year old and books about death and dying grandparents – my dad has been sick…

I left the library with more books than I could hope for and we have several projects picked out to try out but one book!  No, we don’t have all the supplies that many of the projects ask for but I’m trying to put together a craft box with a par stock of essentials on hand so a crafty book is helping with accomplishing that task.

Next stop:  the chamber of commerce to find out what current events are happening in our area.  We’re lucky, October has a lot of events happening that we can look forward to and maybe riff off of with a crafting theme.

Do comment on any other ideas for inexpensive/free activities you do with your toddler!

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Lovin’ to Learn

Do you love to learn new things?  I do.

  • At my paying job I work as a nurse at a research center so I’m always learning something new even though I’ve been there for years.
  • A couple weeks ago I was visiting with my brother and sister in law and learned that there exists a machine that actually vacuums up poop from feilds.  It’s true!  My brother in law had a job where he drove that riding poop vacuum up and down someone’s field collecting poop that was later used as fertilizer.  Amazing, and I’m kind of curious to see one in action.  Send pictures if you know anything about this.
  • I’m learning to listen to my body more and not just ignore it when it tells me to take a rest.  There are so very many things I want to do but I’m useless if I’m overtired which I can do to myself at the end of the day – this is especially true after Sofia goes to bed and I have a little time to myself.
  • And maybe this comes with age/experience but I’m also learning to be better about asking for help.  Why can that be so hard to do?!
  • I’ve taken a few moments here and there to learn more about the city we’ll be moving to next Sunday (holy cow that’s soon!).  A new adventure!
  • I’m learning more about sewing as I ready myself for my first vending event  this coming Saturday.  What a great skill to develop, this sewing thing I’m doing, and I love that I’m using my Aunt’s sewing machine from the 1960’s!

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My mom brought over a quilt she made when Sofia was born and she would spend days at a time with us.  I’m pretty sure it’s called a crazy quilt but with a twist as she’s imbedded five hearts (one for each member of her family) within that crazy design.

I love this quilt and I told my mom that I was not planning to let it go back home with her but she was welcome to come visit it any time.  I’m drawn to the colors and pattern variety.  I could stare at it all day.  I can identify with this quilt at first glance:  framed chaos and disorder but upon closer look and peeling back the layers you have a very definite pattern/foundation.

Jon just turned this quilt into Sofia’s “hideout” by covering her desk with it.  It’s queen size so it covers the desk down to the floor on all sides.  She like to have company inside her hideout, often inviting us to “Come inside!  Come along!”.  We can comfortabley fit our head and shoulders in there while she sits hunched over, straightlegged and totally thrilled.  It does get a little hot and stuffy after a short while (guess we’re just full of hot air).  The cats have even taken to hanging out in there. 

Lying on your back the fabric colors of  the quilt turn into this keliedoscope, like stained glass, that looks really cool and likely something we never would have noticed if we weren’t invited into The Hideout.  

I’m learning that imagination of a two and a half year old is not something to be ignored or understimated.

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