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…waking up feeling like complete and utter crap I had this feeling. (more…)


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House dust miteCold weather is upon us.  That means drier skin, which sloughs off, especially at night when your asleep all snug in your bed  This is where dust mites feast.  Lotion, moisturize and hydrate as much as you want but make sure you’re changing you bed linens (ideally) weekly and washing them in hot water to kill those little suckers.  Truth be told I just realized haven’t changed the sheets since we moved into this new place despite the fact that we just got yummy new fleece sheets from my parents.

Guess what I’m doing tonight.

It really does need to be hot water that you use too.  The warm and cold setting doesn’t seem to be quite as effective.  I’m a cold water user myself so I just make sure that this hot water load is a full one (as all wash loads should be) with sheets and other bed linens to make the most of it.

Update about the funk from last week:  I’ve taken to closing off the living room and ventilating out of the one window that opens (there’s 6 windows in this room altogether – I can’t believe only one opens!)  There’s no screen on the front door and with Sofia, two indoor cats and a semi-busy street mere feet away I’m keeping the front door closed.  Still researching but getting some good suggestions!  Thanks!

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The house dust mite, its feces and chitin are ...

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Wow, last week I decided to tackle Sofia’s bedroom, alotting about 30 minutes.  That was a major underestimation.  The the ease with which a 2.5 year old can become distracted is amazing – and frustrating. 


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