Free scrap material box as lure to purchase product.

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I know people who never ever buy anything used.

Anything.  They think it bad juju or something.

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Lessons Learned

  1. Living on an island you would think I would be used to the wind.  Putting up the 10×10 tent/awning/gazebo thingee puts you at risk of doing a Mary Poppins and get carried off into the wind.  I will first stake down the frame then attach the roof before raising it.  Good-ness. Continue Reading »

You should try.

If I didn’t have kids I probably wouldn’t read children’s stories.  Pre-kids it just never occurred to me to wander into the children’s section of the library have a look see.

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This Business…

Of being a small business owner/wife/mom…

It’s been interesting.  I find that I have to physically leave the house in order to get things done.  It’s so easy to get interrupted with business work or slip into mom-mode get distracted and then later frustrated by how little I am getting done.  Funny how the working mom stereo type is very much alive in my home.  It’s unconscious and something the whole family is getting used to, including me.

So, here I am at the local library – open until 8pm on Tues and Thursdays so I really try to make sure I have those nights as my “parental nights off” where I’m not putting the kids to bed.  It’s a time I am really trying to honor and not give up without a good reason.  Even if I wasn’t trying to launch this little endeavor the night would still belong to me because I deserve it, darn it.  I hope all parents honor that need for time for themselves.


It’s interesting to me the t-shirts I’ve been picking up lately.  Some are just plain while others are from different events or attractions.  This week I’ve been working with t-shirts from:

Townsend, Delaware

Sultan Shindig – from, like, 2011.  You missed this year’s event it was in July.

GEL Weekend which has also already occurred.

There was a World’s Greatest Dad shirt with the original price tag still on which made me a little sad for whomever gave the shirt to their dad.  A couple of polo shirts from the local golf courses here on the Island.  I did find my first shirt that will qualify as an XL size so that was exciting for me, a beautiful eggplant purple.  Some fun designs that came from I have no idea where but am totally going with.

Behind the scenes I’ve got a 15 month old who’s trying to cut 5 teeth right after we got her to sleep through the night.  I don’t now how necessary those teeth are, she seems to be doing just fine with the 8 she already has…

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Scratching an Itch.

Long ago I started this blog with a variety of aspirations, hopes, dreams, etc.
Then the reality of parenthood set in.
Then our daughter got older and I got a little wiser and things picked up a bit and the blog evolved and all was good.
Then I got pregnant and had a second kid, quit my job to become a full time stay at home mom, built a house and moved from the burbs to a rural 5 acre lot with lots of dreams, hopes, aspirations, etc.
Then the reality of parenting two kids, living in a rural area, learning how to garden, protecting said garden from garden-destroying deer, trying to recover financially from building our home…
Oh goodness, I could jut go ON and ON.

But, I’ll get to my point.
I think.
My husband is annoyed to no end by my long winded answers/explanations.
Since I have some much more time to myself and energy to spare as a full time stay at home mom (I do hope you recognize that for the lie that it is) I’ve decided to honor this growing need for creativity and resurrect the Pickahling brand and my founding product – the Sherry Cloth – that started it all.
And I’ve expanded. After talking with my husband because there’s no way this is going to work without his support, which I have we started brain storming and came up with the not so original but no less brilliant idea of just using up the stuff we have – namely fabric. I come from a short line of seamstresses, most recently quilters who, if you’re familiar are incredible fabric hoarders. Then there was my Aunt Siler who on top of being a quilter, grew up during the depression so was an avid saver of all sorts of things.
As a result we have a crazy amount of fabric, amazing vintage buttons from the time period of what I call “Circa Aunt Siler” with no real way to verify actual age. We also have all this wood/trees that have been cut down (living on 5 acres remember) that’s just sitting there with nothing to do…
Lots of ideas…
This blog site is evolving, again which made lead to a loss initial readership but perhaps grow with new interests. Time will tell.
Until then, let’s see what happens!

PS:  I’ve been updating the Pickahling facebook page and am looking for “likes”  Thanks!


That things are growing in my garden despite my cluelessness.

This growth spurt in my daughter’s vocabulary.

Summer time fruit.

The fawns and young bucks walking through our property.

How excited the baby get when she sees deer.

Watching a ballerina come to life when my daughter puts on her first pair of ballet slippers. – further proof that shoes are wonderful magical things…