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I just need to get this out

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  • The thunderstorms –  we’ve been having here in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m a native and have missed the clouds and rain.  A little thunder and lightening have been a bonus.
  • Little girls who take long naps.
  • Independent shops that let me keep my dollar local – I’m learning it’s a lot of hard work but great for the local economy and community.
  • Monthly Art walks.  Hopefully your town/city has one.
  • Working REALLY hard at the gym but feeling sooooo good afterwards!
  • Learning.  I never want to stop learning…

… and all those bad study habits came back like it was yesterday when it’s been more like 10 years (or more).  I applied to show at Urban Craft Uprising’s Holiday show, which is juried.  Yay me!  So exciting.

The application process reminded me a bit of those short answer questions you had in high school and college. Then there was the technical side of uploading pictures, fee paying online – it was like the SATs all over again.  I broke out into a cold sweat at one point and needed to text my husband who’s travelling for work this week about file memory and which was largerMB or KB?  Yeah, that’s how technically un-savvy I am and one of the reasons why I need to keep a happy marriage!

The deadline was last night at midnight and guess who  turned their application in about two hours before the deadline?


Some things never change…

In the mean time I’ve been doing the weekend market in Coupeville, WA and am super proud to say that two of my skirts made the cut for the First Day of School outfit for a customer and she came back looking for more.


One of “the chosen”.

The other skirt is actually behind this is one in a navy blue with super cute vintage yellow buttons.  I loved the purple and mustardy color combo on this one.  I think I might be losing my cred as whenever someone starts looking at the skirts I tell them how “THAT one is my favorite” but then I start saying that about every single skirt.  It’s true though is the thing…

Love what you do.


  • Sunny weekends with enough rain during the week so I don’t have to water the garden!
  • Understanding the language of a 15 month old.
  • How great said 15 month old has been while going through “barrette desensitization”.  Her older sister would not wear any hair accessories for years and thus was in a constant state of shagginess.
  • A good hard work out.
  • Discovering new (to me) locally produced products that I can afford and incorporate into every day life.  I just bought some whole wheat flour and crop cover seeds from Biodynamic Boutique and plan to buy the 50# bag of flour as soon as I clear out my freezer of the fruit I need to turn into jam!  It’s a total deal and we have the space for it!
  • Creating new products and using up stuff that’s just been hanging out and taking up space.  (ie the cloth napkins I introduced this weekend from my mom’s fabric stash, of which, I have only made the tiniest of dents.)
  • Getting the gumption up to apply to show at Urban Craft Uprising this year.
  • Three times a week preschool starts this week!

In the works

What I just didn’t have time to devote to in order to get out to market this last weekend was the cloth napkins made from fabric I took from my mom’s on our visit there earlier in the week.

Yep, just rifled through only a small portion of the inventory. I wouldn’t call it stealing because there is more than enough fabric for her to work on to last a lifetime (or two, or three) It’s a little ridiculous. And i guess i wouldn’t use the word ‘inventory’ as that might imply that there was some logical order to it all. Much of it was vintage stuff she was given by a good friend of the family and like any good quilter my mom is loathe to give up even a stitch of it or see it thrown away. So I consider it my duty and pretty darned altruistic of me to take some of this off her hands.

Honestly, sitting in her walk-in closet surrounded by piles of fabric I started to feel a little overwhelmed. Sure, we could just give it away to charity but darned if I didn’t see some challenge in trying to make use of what was before me.

There was a LOT of flowery prints.

A lot.

You can only do so much with flowers. What I came away with was some new ideas for my shirt skirts and a new product offering which is sooooo inline with the pickahling philosophy of repurposing and actually using what we have whether it’s the original purpose are something new we’ve created. So I’m presenting a product that will complement the Sherry Cloth: cloth napkins. Gorgeous fabrics, a couple/few different sizes. Of course all built to last because I don’t believe in making something that’s going to fall apart after a couple washings/uses. That kind of stuff just makes me mad.

So, Go Paperless and make the switch to cloth napkins.

PS: my Etsy site should be up in the next less than two weeks. My big accomplishment (and most recent) was getting my profile picture to load. Sheesh.


  • That my husband is interested in the Paleo diet. I’m not totally educated on it but I do know enough that it’s definitely a step in the right direction of becoming unprocessed!
  • We had one hot day this week. I think that might have been the extend of our summer here in the Pacific Northwest.
  • All the ideas I have flooding through of skirt designs! Looking forward to making them a reality!
  • Growing babies – she’s finally decided to start walking and is oh, so proud of herself.
  • Support. Do you have your system in place? I don’t know what I would do without mine!
  • Yellow crook neck squash. I just knew I could grow something in that overgrown grass covered area we’re calling a garden!
  • Digging through my mom’s fabric stash. Bags, and boxes and shelves of it!
  • All the interesting people who stop by my booth at the Coupeville Farmer’s Market.
  • Creating something cool with what we already have rather than buying new.
  • The catch phrase my sister came up with when talking about my Sherry Cloths at the end of the market day today, “Why do rags have to be ugly?”. (Pssst, the answer is: they don’t.)
  • Hearing the market manager using the phrase “Hot Diggity Dog!” in conversation with my vending neighbor.
  • Finding out what people are using the fabric for from the free scrap material box I’ve set up at my booth.