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…waking up feeling like complete and utter crap I had this feeling. (more…)


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then I can move on. (more…)

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… and all those bad study habits came back like it was yesterday when it’s been more like 10 years (or more).  I applied to show at Urban Craft Uprising’s Holiday show, which is juried.  Yay me!  So exciting.

The application process reminded me a bit of those short answer questions you had in high school and college. Then there was the technical side of uploading pictures, fee paying online – it was like the SATs all over again.  I broke out into a cold sweat at one point and needed to text my husband who’s travelling for work this week about file memory and which was largerMB or KB?  Yeah, that’s how technically un-savvy I am and one of the reasons why I need to keep a happy marriage!

The deadline was last night at midnight and guess who  turned their application in about two hours before the deadline?


Some things never change…

In the mean time I’ve been doing the weekend market in Coupeville, WA and am super proud to say that two of my skirts made the cut for the First Day of School outfit for a customer and she came back looking for more.


One of “the chosen”.

The other skirt is actually behind this is one in a navy blue with super cute vintage yellow buttons.  I loved the purple and mustardy color combo on this one.  I think I might be losing my cred as whenever someone starts looking at the skirts I tell them how “THAT one is my favorite” but then I start saying that about every single skirt.  It’s true though is the thing…

Love what you do.

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Of being a small business owner/wife/mom…

It’s been interesting.  I find that I have to physically leave the house in order to get things done.  It’s so easy to get interrupted with business work or slip into mom-mode get distracted and then later frustrated by how little I am getting done.  Funny how the working mom stereo type is very much alive in my home.  It’s unconscious and something the whole family is getting used to, including me.

So, here I am at the local library – open until 8pm on Tues and Thursdays so I really try to make sure I have those nights as my “parental nights off” where I’m not putting the kids to bed.  It’s a time I am really trying to honor and not give up without a good reason.  Even if I wasn’t trying to launch this little endeavor the night would still belong to me because I deserve it, darn it.  I hope all parents honor that need for time for themselves.


It’s interesting to me the t-shirts I’ve been picking up lately.  Some are just plain while others are from different events or attractions.  This week I’ve been working with t-shirts from:

Townsend, Delaware

Sultan Shindig – from, like, 2011.  You missed this year’s event it was in July.

GEL Weekend which has also already occurred.

There was a World’s Greatest Dad shirt with the original price tag still on which made me a little sad for whomever gave the shirt to their dad.  A couple of polo shirts from the local golf courses here on the Island.  I did find my first shirt that will qualify as an XL size so that was exciting for me, a beautiful eggplant purple.  Some fun designs that came from I have no idea where but am totally going with.

Behind the scenes I’ve got a 15 month old who’s trying to cut 5 teeth right after we got her to sleep through the night.  I don’t now how necessary those teeth are, she seems to be doing just fine with the 8 she already has…

PS:  my facebook page is most up to date on the latest projects and what to expect/what will be available at upcoming events. 

“Like” to keep current!

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Oh, it can be so intimitating!

Or, you can do what I did, and sign up for a Craft Fair and then schedule yourself to work that day.

Maybe it was my subconscious trying to chicken out.  More on that in a bit.

I set up my booth at the Issaquah Highlands back in October and was lucky enough to split the $100 booth cost with a friend which turned out to be a blessing seeing has how we didn’t make $100 between the two of us.

The experience, though, was really good.  Here’s are a few things I learned from that event:

  • Just because it’s an event with some booths selling things doesn’t mean that’s why people are there.  In this case, people weren’t there to shop, they were there for Halloween activities.  Research your event for appropriateness.  I’m such a newbie.
  • Allow plenty of time for booth and display set up.  What you envision in your mind ahead of time will change once you get to the actual venue.  Weather (if it’s outdoors), the flow of traffic, lighting and such will effect where you place signage, display your wares, etc. 
  • You cannot be too prepared.  Tape, scissors, black marker, snacks, all are equally important to me.
  • People are reluctant to “enter” a booth so, for me, I’ll put more of my displays/products closer to the front of my space rather than set back.

Jellyfish tshirts!

So, armed with my first experience I dove right into the next fair.  This was at The Seattle Waldorf school.  My products, and the Waldorf School are a great match.  I had high hopes of much greater success.  I had a couple new product ideas I wanted to add to my repitoire.  In other words:  big plans!

Until last Saturday when I sent a text to my craft fair buddy, Melissa, because I lost the address to event.  This of course is happening the morning of the actual event and I sent a text because I was freaking out at 0630 and figured it would be rude to call that early.  Her reply was totally unexpected, “It’s Sunday, will send info later.”

Oh.  Shit.

There really weren’t any other appropriate words at that moment.

After walking around in circles for a bit, hand to forehead, asking myself how I could make such a colassal mistake I momentarily panicked thinking I was now suppose to be at work.  A quick call confirmed that I had indeed scheduled myself off that day but, yep, they would see me tomorrow. 

Jon seemed unfazed, if not a little pleased since now we would have a family day together.  OK, that was the good part.  But, that doesn’t explain the complete lapse in brain function…

Talking with Melissa later I found out she was pretty sick, on antibiotics and wasn’t even sure if she was going to make it to the fair herself.  Wow, this was going from bad to worse really fast.  She attributed my lapse to The Pregnancy Crazies.  One cannot necessarily be held responsible when that many hormones are raging through your body. 

Hmm,  a plausible explanation – I’m going with it.

At any rate by the end of the day she was feeling better and kindly offered to set up my booth for me in my absence.  Turns out we were both much more successful this time around and Melissa felt that, had I been present, I would have had even more success.

I’m psyched.

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A Sneak Peek.

It’s hard not to be intimitated by all the talented, creative people out there (and those are just the ones with an internet presence).  Insecurities can creep in easily, especially when you’re tired and new to all of this creating and putting yourself out there kind of stuff.  At the same time I’m totally inspired.  I’ve also noticed that by putting myself out there I have this strange sense of accountability, a sense of responsibility which itself can be a motivator.  I’m enjoying the sense of possibility that comes from creating. 

And, to put it plainly, I’m just having so much fun at all this I think I’ll just keep on going…

Here are a few of the t shirt design ideas floating in my head.  A very simple design is what I’m going for – nothing flashy or over the top because that’s not me. 

About the shirts:  I got a great deal on them from a wholesaler as they are the “irregulars” the cast-offs perfect except color shading – I think they’re great!  I ordered the “assortment” so I didn’t know what colors I would be getting until they arrived at my doorstep!  That was the exciting part but also slightly anxiety producing.  What made me nervous is that all of the appliques/designs are used with fabric, thread, etc from second had stores so there was the potential challenge of matching colors/patterns with what I had.  That was also the fun part of it.  I invited my mom over and she brought some scraps from her ENORMOUS fabric stash and we spent some time mixing and matching colors and patterns – this is when knowing a quilter is especially handy.

What I like about these shirts are their sturdiness, the fun fabrics and simple, enduring designs and the fact that I didn’t have to go out and buy everything new to create something cool.  Even my sewing machine is used – it’s a Bernina from the 1960s.

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We all have our favorite chores that we like (or maybe least dislike) to do.  These days mine is vacuuming.  I often wish it was filing and dealing with paperwork, but my house is doomed to be a fire hazard with the amount of random papers piled about my home. (more…)

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