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This post may come off a little preachy but, again, now that it’s out of my head I can move on to other topics…

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We have been blessed (?) with children who are early risers.  I can’t remember the last time I slept past 0800 or 0730 for that matter.

Like before 0630 despite all efforts to change that time to later we have resigned ourselves to this fate.  When we lived in the city and we only had Sofia I would make her some toast and jam and lay on the floor while she ate.  Now days we’re trying a new tactic.  A morning walk about.  Yes, Sofia is still in her pajamas.  I think I might have been too!

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We have one of those Vitamix blenders which we’ve been “borrowing” for the last  four years from my in-laws.  The Vitamix is great but pricey – we’re still trying to decide if we should make the investment.

It’s great and I use it a LOT.  Most recently for just your basic smoothie.  Sofia is going through a veggie ban again so I’ve been giving her all sorts of vegetable goodness in smoothie form because I get so very tired of the eat-your-vegetables argument…

I totally get not liking vegetables as a kid, it wasn’t fun but I can only hope that at some point she’ll grow to enjoy veggies as much as I do now that I’m older and wiser.  I’m not sure when I started enjoying and actually seeking out new and more vegetables – expanding my palette beyond cheese sauce covered steamed cauliflower and creamed corn.  Now I crave vegetables and something’s not quite right if there’s a meal where they’re not a key player in some way shape or form.

The bad thing about smoothies (when I make them) in the Vitamix is that there is serious residue on the sides that I hate to see go to waste when I rinse out the pitcher.  Only after FOUR years and a second child has it occurred to me to spatula out the residue into an ice cube container and feed it to the baby.  It’s also great to add as “ice” cubes to the soy milk I forgot to refrigerate (we buy ours in bulk from Costco).  Room temperature soy milk is kind of gross.

Not pretty but there's powerful goodness in there.

Not pretty but there’s powerful goodness in there.


From a couple different smoothies. Basic contents: blueberries, spinach or kale, orange, splash of soy milk, apple, cucumber

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iPod Shuffle Earphones

…What My Child Teaches Me.


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We’re getting older.

I know, it’s true!

(You’re looking fabulous by the way). (more…)

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Leave it to a pre-term baby to inspire me.

A little weight loss is expected with newborns.  We’re working our way back up to her birthweight these past (almost) two weeks.  The momentum has slowed but is still progressing in the right direction.  She’s a sleepy girl though, and will perk up briefly for feedings but tires easily despite our best efforts to keep her aroused.

We strip her down to her diaper for feedings.

Which has gotten me to thinkin’.

What if we all stripped down to our underwear for every meal?

I’m pretty certain that my relationship with food and the world of dieting in general would be much different.  I’m not, at the moment, inclined to try this strategy but it does provide food for thought, doesn’t it?

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At least.  Or we could really go for it and keep obesity rates below the shameful 33% increase that some are expecting.

Did you see this article on NPR?  These numbers are staggering:

Slowing the rising rates of obesity in this country by just 1 percent a year over the next two decades would slice the costs of health care by $85 billion.

Keep obesity rates where they are now — well below a 33 percent increase that’s been expected by some — and the savings would hit nearly $550 billion over the same 20 years.

Wow!  That’s a lot of money we, US citizens, have direct control over saving!

How empowering! (more…)

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