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At least.  Or we could really go for it and keep obesity rates below the shameful 33% increase that some are expecting.

Did you see this article on NPR?  These numbers are staggering:

Slowing the rising rates of obesity in this country by just 1 percent a year over the next two decades would slice the costs of health care by $85 billion.

Keep obesity rates where they are now — well below a 33 percent increase that’s been expected by some — and the savings would hit nearly $550 billion over the same 20 years.

Wow!  That’s a lot of money we, US citizens, have direct control over saving!

How empowering! (more…)


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Isn’t that an awesome statement?!

And why is it that so often one is inclined or finds themself doing just the opposite?!  I definitely fall into that category. (more…)

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In my house tastes are pretty simple, though we can appreciate the finer things when they come along. (more…)

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  • All the snow that dumped in our little corner of the world last week.
  • That I didn’t have to be anywhere and that Jon could work from home during those really snowy days.
  • Then snow melted and washed away before I had to go to work on the weekend!
  • Watching Sofia jump, log roll, lounge in as if she were on the beach, and eat the snow that fell last week.
  • Trouble-shooting bread baking issues with a co-worker.
  • Getting to work a little early for the first time in weeks.
  • Meeting our neighbors and inviting them over for a playdate.  Four kids under the age of 6 can cause quite a ruckus.  It was awesome and at the same time I was glad to have my house back with only one child afterwards!
  • Hearing my husband tell me to make a list of the things I felt needed to be done while I was at work.  What?  Is it Christmas again already?!
  • Knitting for the first time since before Sofia was born during our snowy days.  I am determined to finish that second sock!
  • More homemade applesauce comin’ up!
  • I have finally, FINALLY finished the last of my whole wheat spaghetti noodles from one of my first Pantry Challenge posts.  Next up ,those soba noodles…

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The house dust mite, its feces and chitin are ...

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Wow, last week I decided to tackle Sofia’s bedroom, alotting about 30 minutes.  That was a major underestimation.  The the ease with which a 2.5 year old can become distracted is amazing – and frustrating. 


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Last week was crazy busy as we readied for my sister’s wedding so I promised myself 10 minutes to do some damp dusting focusing on cabinets doors (ours are recessed so the decorative edge is a great collector of dust/debris/ickiness) and the tops of the door frames.

You can get a lot more done in 10 minutes than you think!  Not only did I meet my goal but with time to spare!  Awesome.  I tell you though, it helps to be just organized enough to:

  1. Know what you’ll be dusting and how long you want to dedicate to the task.  I think 10  minutes is going to be my new go-to time.
  2. Have the dusting cloth in a dedicated spot so you’re not speading additional time on this already not-s0-fun chore.  I put all my extra Sherry Cloths proto-types in a basket in our utility closet – just grab and go!

This week we’ve got more time so I’ll be focusing on Sofia’s bedroom.  With Sofia “helping” I imagine a time expense of only about 30 minutes of actual working time.

What can you accomplish in 10  minutes?  Good luck – you and your loved ones will be breathing easier soon!

PS:  feel free to do this more than once a week.  Weekly is just my reality – for now.

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Lavendar flower

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I’ve been clearing off my work table, slowly but surely these last couple of weeks.  What a great feeling.  With it has come a wave of inspiration as the elbow room increases so do the creative ideas. 

Funny how that works. (more…)

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